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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Medical → Craniopagus twins surgical separation (Video)

Craniopagus is a type of conjoined twins joined by a portion of the skull, with distinctly separate necks and bodies. Separation is very risky since these twins can share parts of the brain, as well as blood circulation. Craniopagus twins are further classified by the portion of the skull which is shared: vertical craniopagus - joined at the top of the head with bodies at a 180-degree angle to one another; occipital craniopagus - joined at the back of the head; frontal craniopagus - joined at the forehead; parietal craniopagus - joined at the side of the head.

Video: Download "craniopagus_twins_separation.wmv"

Here you can see a video about craniopagus twins surgical separation.
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Mike Hunt
they should have been aborted as soon as it was known that the genes were fucked - the world does not need any more rejects after all we already have muslims, beaners and dinks .. we don't need more fuck ups, do we!
2010-05-04 04:00:25

How the fuck do they get dressed?
2010-04-23 04:13:05

its the mexican genes...
2009-12-29 15:03:31

KILL THAT SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!
2009-08-14 01:36:37

Almost cried there
2009-07-01 23:54:42

Thats good. Good luck family. Hope nothing else goes wrong.
2009-05-16 22:17:58

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