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Monday, December 17, 2007

Executions → Angolian female's execution

This unhappy Angolian young woman who was a Communist was executed by the Angolian separatist militants by means of cutting her groin artery. This woman will bleed to death within minutes from a cut blood vessel.

The Angolian Civil War began when Angola won its war for independence in 1975. Formally brought to an end in 2002, an estimated 500,000 people were killed in the 27-year long war.
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2019-12-21 11:52:25

This is awful what they did to her. I'd
be willing to bet my fat cunt that they
will mutilate her clit
2019-08-12 19:18:21

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kill me
2019-07-11 23:35:37

2019-06-10 08:27:16

Frank Bishop
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2018-02-20 05:30:13

Bo Bendtsen, administrator

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2017-06-10 18:00:36

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2016-08-11 20:15:11

Tim Pleak

I feel your pain

I have been contending with serious coprophagia habits since the early 1980s. I have gotten sick often from eating feces, usually obtained from public toilets. Obviously this habit is unhealthy and potentially harmful. I have learned that when eating feces from toilets there are certain ways to somewhat minimize the risk of ecoli or other harmful infections. When extracting feces from a public toilet at a place such as a shopping mall you should choose only the stool that is balanced looking. Pick only the feces that looks the healthiest. Diahrea or 'pebbles' is a greater sign of possible health problems. Also try to avoid eating the toilet paper as it contains a much higher concentration of ecoli.

Good luck my friend
2016-07-25 10:38:50

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