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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Interesting → Free Tibet... dismembering the female corpse

This Tibetan nun was hanged in a head-down position till her death by Chinese border security forces.
She was involved in the Tibetan guerilla resistance movement and attempted to flee from persecution in Tibet. Her body was released and was underwent by sky burial after all.

Sky burial or ritual dissection was once a common practice in Tibet. A human corpse is cut into small pieces and placed on a mountaintop, exposing it to the elements and animals - especially to birds of prey. The majority of Tibetans adhere to Buddhism, which teaches reincarnation. There is no need to preserve the body, as it is now an empty vessel. Birds may eat it, or nature may let it decompose. So the function of the sky burial is simply the disposal of the remains. In much of Tibet the ground is too hard and rocky to dig a grave, and with fuel and timber scarce, a sky burial is often more practical than cremation. The work of disassembling of the body may be done by a monk, or, more commonly, by rogyapas ("body-breakers").

Wiki Article: Sky burial

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Darn man burn people but then I guess the birds won't eat.. lol
2009-11-15 03:50:53

Tibetan guerilla resistance movement?
WTF? Keep your commie propaganda where the sun don't shine. There is no such thing as a "Tibetan guerilla resistance movement" and if there was, it would be totally justified. Red China went into Tibet like the Japanese went into Nanking.
2009-10-10 22:07:03

tubby bitch must of been hard to dismember lol and they got local butchers to do it lol
2009-09-28 02:38:53

Earl of Ancaster
Total bullshit.
2009-09-19 08:04:42

other times, the bones are removed, ground into a powder, and baked into bread. this is so the bones too can be fed to the birds.

i wouldn't mind a sky burial. perhaps not by these men or in this location.
2009-09-16 20:46:14

They probably ran out of holes to put them in.
2009-08-20 22:24:13

Primitive humans
2009-07-31 23:11:25

Tibet is owned by china forever !
2009-07-30 08:00:00

Dont they have anything more interesting to do??? She's already dead!
2009-07-26 00:28:31

shayke dat booty meat dat booty meat dat booty meat dat booty meat yaeah shayke dat booty meat dat booty meat datb booty meat dat bootu meat. Girl shayke daT BOOTY MEAtr got my eyes on u looking at dat booty coase charon boat said 2 doooo da booty be so fly so sweet so tursy. Nigga gottas stykk a dick in da fly lyka a lil bitty birdy. Shayke dat boot5yu meat dat booty meat dat booty meat day boody keat yeeeeahhhh shayke dat booty meaT DAYT BBOOTY MEAT NIGGAAAAAAAAZZHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
2009-07-24 12:14:00

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