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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Accident → Child remains retrieved from the crocodile stomach

Video of a man pulling mauled remains of his son from an crocodile's stomach in Malaysia.

Video: Download "crocodile_dissection.wmv"

This 11-year-old boy was snatched while swimming in a river in Borneo with a friend (Malaysia). A 15-year-old friend told authorities the two took a break from studying and went swimming. He told the croc was "as big as a boat" and moved "as fast as lightning." The report says the teenager fled in fear and shock and cowered in his room until the younger boy's mother came by hours later to ask where her son was. Crocodiles become more aggressive during the breeding season and that the risk of attacks is increasing because more people are venturing into the remote wilderness. And if it has grabbed you hit it repeatedly on its relatively sensitive nose, poke it in the eyes and scream. Gators don't like resistance.
Don't try to pry the jaws open. You won't be able to. Play dead. They stop shaking their prey when they think that it's dead, wedging the body in their pantry for later consumption. This is when you escape. Hopefully. An Australian review of unprovoked crocodile attacks on humans between 1971 and 2004 found that 17 victims of the 62 attacks died. Fatal attacks have generally involved saltwater crocodiles longer than 4 m that have the strength and power required to overpower an adult human.

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tae ka jeric.............
2009-05-17 00:36:56

Thats awful.
2009-04-16 05:26:36

your name
the crock is gay and loves to swallow
2009-04-04 12:37:43

yea i agree with memo i think the limbs shoud've been more damaged than that
2009-03-23 23:09:12

when they bite they spin and that's how they rip there food so that did look real
2009-02-10 06:51:29

it seen little bit fake. because legs and arms are not damaged. just cutted from the body.but this fakking animal bites and it must be wounded.
2008-12-29 14:39:29

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