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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Accident → Teenage girl died during autoerotic hanging

This teenage girl accidently died during autoerotic hanging. You can see that unhappy girl used the collar of her T-shirt as a pad for the noose diring illegal sexual activity. The second noose on her right arm was as a part of the rescue mechanism which apparently failed with a result of the young girl's death.

The vast majority of the autoerotic asphyxiation victims don't mean to kill themselves. They usually devise some kind of rescue mechanism to stop the asphyxiation once they've climaxed. But the fail-safe often fails. For example, they may tie a slip-knot or hang themselves from something that's shorter than they are, so they can simply stand up to stop the strangulation. But they may get so weak and disoriented from lack of oxygen that they can't pull out the knot or stand up, and they pass out and die.

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2013-05-25 01:10:26

Can't understand how such stuff is erotic?
Surely hanging of any type is painful, so, how can that be erotic?
2012-12-03 14:09:37

died wankin
gettin caught with your vag in your hand.
2012-08-10 07:05:53

2012-08-10 07:03:23

three words, "dumb horny cunt"! She should of just sucked some dick and got on with her lifelol
2012-07-16 17:27:04

Father Death
Stupid fucking cunt, now you belong to ME!
2012-04-29 02:08:34

A very close friend of mine died by hanging himself a few years ago...

From the description of what happened, we believe he was active in this very thing. However we could definitely be wrong.
2012-03-24 05:26:42

David Carradine style...
2012-02-23 01:46:16

it would be good if all femos died like this
2012-01-09 04:38:57

Some of the comments, You guy's are pretty
pathetic. It happens, some people get off
from this type of stuff. Get over
2011-10-21 07:15:04

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