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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brutality → Cruelty to animals... burning cat

This is the video of the inconsiderate brutal man pouring gasoline on the cat and burning it. There's nothing funny about animal cruelty.

Video: Download "burning_cat.wmv"

Cat burning was a form of zoosadistic entertainment in 16th century Paris, France. In this form of entertainment, people would gather dozens of cats in a net, hoist them high into the air from a special bundle onto a bonfire. The spectators shrieked with laughter as the animals, howling with pain, were singed, roasted, and finally carbonized.

Wiki Article: Cat-burning

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killing people for just living as normal hardworking citizens is wrong. killing people that kill other things like this gorgeous cat is right. simple, honest, true.
2009-01-22 02:49:09

if i knew who those fuckers were, i would gladly put them in cage and have no conscience on burning them alive. i would make sure i lanced them in well placed areas first so hopefully the rubbing alcohol and gasoline gives them a nice burn and i can watch them scream. in fact i would order them to dance for me while i throw gas all over them, allowing them to plead for their lives and making them believe i wouldn't torch them. i would then raise a curtain so that thier wives and kids watch daddy burn. oh happy day!! and no, i wouldn't feel bad about it. it would be divine retribution.
2009-01-22 02:47:33

this cat was not burned alive for food. it was charred beyond recognition and edibility. this cat was unnecessarily killed for the enjoyment of others. you could the pricks laugh as she made her painful sounds. furhtermore, I don't eat lobster, but if i were to eat one, i consider lobster food. cats are pets and companions...not food. there is a huuuuuuuuge difference. and if you can't see that, maybe you should enter the cage and have gasoline splattered on you.
2009-01-22 02:44:57

I refuse to watch this. Obviously, it is a horrible thing to do. But when those of you who watch it proclaim that you want to torture and murder those two men and their families, are you any better? A cat is wrong, but humans are ok to kill?
2009-01-22 02:00:00

Ratso Rizzo
2009-01-21 19:40:33

Okay this pisses me off...I FUCKING LOVE CATS! And if anyone has a problem with them you'll have to kill me first! Cats are beautiful creatures, and should not be killed. Whoever this guy is, I'll find him and I'll kick his ass so hard he'll end up in a planet somewhere in Andromeda!
2009-01-20 14:44:31


Next time you eat lobster, think about this cat. I think it's customary to boil lobsters while they are alive. This cat had an easy death compared to all the poor lobsters in the world. Who knows, maybe this is how they prepare cat for the dinner table in some rural russian communities. I like what G3 said. The atrocities humans inflict on each other around the world are far worse than what this cat had to experience.
2009-01-18 04:59:51

but getting back to the cat for the moment, she did nothing at all to deserve that cruetly and no animal should be used in that manner for the enjoyment of others. i don't even go to aquariums as i feel killer whales and dolphins need to be in the wild, not playing tricks for my amusement. same with zoos, let them live in Africa, india, china, wherever the hell they originally came from and keep them in protective conservation centres so the natives don't poach 'em
2009-01-17 01:48:53

and as far as i'm concerned, the palenstinans and the israelis can burn each other alive and spontaneously combust. the western world should leave the mideast to deteriorate. if it wasn't for oil and money America would have let them kill eachother. its a shame, cuz its better to let the muslims and the jews kill each other off in israel and than America can just go in with no trouble and take the oil they so desire. problem solved.
2009-01-17 01:46:12

it's not "better" to burn anything ideally. this is just two dumb fucks passing the time thinking this activity is funny. these 2 russian assholes have nothing better to do than to kill something that doesn't even know why its being punished. i don't agree with war, but at least both sides have thier weapons to use against the other, what has this cat done to them?
2009-01-17 01:43:32

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