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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Murder → Dead Amir Khattab (Muslim guerilla fighter)

Amir Khattab (born Saudi Arabia, 1969, died March 20, 2002), was a Muslim guerilla fighter and financier working with Chechen Mujahideen in the First Chechen War and the Second Chechen War (Chechnya, Russia).

He was killed on a night of March 19-20, 2002, when a Dagestani messenger hired by the Russian FSB gave Khattab a poisoned letter.

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Da Prophet
Hey this! ha ha ha! Oh, nice hat in the first picture for sure. You won't be needing it any more where you are going.
2011-04-24 00:48:24

Burn in hell with others muslim bro!
2011-04-17 16:40:26

Rest in peace
2011-04-12 00:39:41

Islam is evil
If I could I'd piss on his grave. The best part is that wherever he is he's just found out the 50 virgins thing is a scam. That gives me consolation.
2011-04-10 20:40:22

Dutch Bastard
What? He ate a letter?
2011-04-06 20:40:13

he killed many people in his life, now it was his turn
2011-02-23 04:36:40

muslim murderer
right now he is getting rape in every hole in his heaven
2011-02-22 18:40:43

George W
Burn in hell you Muslim fuck!
2011-02-18 08:17:09

Ugly ediot. Time for him to be in hell for the innocent christians and jews he has killed. Fool.
2011-02-16 18:03:02

No matter who is that muslim or christian or any other.
2011-01-06 12:40:39

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