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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Brutality → Electric chair execution

In 1886, after a particularly gruesome and bloody hanging was reported, New York State established a committee to determine a new, more humane system of execution to replace hanging. How humane this execution method is you can see in the images of execution of Allen Lee Davis (aka "Tiny") on July 8, 1999 on the Florida electric chair "Old Sparky". He was a pedophile and murderer of three. Davis' face was bloodied and photographs taken, which were later released by the Florida Supreme Court.

The electric chair is an execution method in which the person being put to death is strapped to a chair and electrocuted through electrodes placed on the body. This execution method has been used only in the United States and for a period of several decades in the Philippines (its first use there in 1924). The electric chair has become a symbol of the death penalty. However, its use is on a decline, with Nebraska being the last state that uses it as a sole method of execution.

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yabba dabba do
as far as i can see this method of execution is to humane for that fat fuk butter ball
2012-02-01 06:17:37

steve UK
Death too easy.Should have made him suffer for years. Evil bastard.
2012-01-28 03:22:11

greased up blunt stake up his ass would have been a better way so he could feel a bit of penetration for a while until it came out his fat mouth
2012-01-04 06:34:11

Die , Ugly Fat Sinister Bastard! Die!!
You Scum!!
2011-12-06 04:29:19

That's even soft for a pedophile. Eat that shit, Tiny.
2011-12-05 02:28:09

shit he dead now crack sizzel and pop
2011-11-02 21:36:49

You would like to suck his dick because your a girl and we all know for a fact that all girls are slags!
2011-10-21 09:46:04

Combat Vet
so what! he got what he deserved. and prison guard, you'd puke at some of the stuff I've witnessed too!
2011-10-02 01:40:29

I'd like to suck his dick after he died. How hot would THAT be?
2011-09-17 02:11:02

Prison Guard, USA
I was duty on this one. He was chking on the mask before the current was applied. Needlessly cruel. Most of you here would faint or throw up if you saw it for real. You don't know what you are talking about.
2011-09-17 02:09:35

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