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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Murder → Lynching in the United States

Lynching in the United States refers, primarily, to the practice in the 19th and 20th centuries of the humiliation and killing of people by mobs acting outside the law. These murders, most of them unpunished, often took the form of hanging and burning. To demonstrate a ritual of power, mobs sometimes tortured the victim. After the American Civil War, lynching was a method of terrorism used to intimidate freed blacks who were voting and assuming political power.

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Wiki Article: Lynching in the United States

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2014-03-26 00:44:12

This will be the next form of retribution if Obama finds out you voted for McCain and Sarah Palin. Though I wouldn't mind seeing Palin receive a 'suspended sentence' while dressed in a mini-skirt. Anyway, I'm bored to death, who else can they hang today?
2013-06-22 13:38:06

The photo is obviously photoshopped to
death as the lady standing there was not
even there to begin with. It was
probably done by some Afrocentrist to
make the black idiots of today more
violent and racist towards ANYTHING
light skinned. Now the dead black dude
is for real.
2013-06-19 01:02:03

Agreed, the pic is photoshopped. However, the fact of the matter is that white pussy attended hangings in mass numbers. I have seen an incredible number of photo's of hangings and the majority of 'onlookers, have been white women. They must have a 'fetish' with watching a male hang! In this particular instance, the white cunt got laid in the morning from a white male with a big dick and she spent her lunch-hour watching the nig hang. What better way to spend the day?
2013-06-08 14:31:01

first off this bullshit picture is
photoshopped...second of the lynchings were
performed by the Democrat party KKK against
blacks voting republican and whites that tried to
help....3400 blacks were lynched from 1865-1930
as well as 1700 whites
2013-05-26 09:11:31

When you are bored and nothing better to do, go out in the street white cunt and watch the black boy 'stretch hemp'. Couldn't think of a better way to spend my afternoon. Bozo, I could not agree with you more, Pussy face would have been in her glory if she had a monstrous white dick shoved up her anus.This beats watching a baseball game for sure.
2013-05-25 13:00:03

usgay wigger jew bitch
2013-04-03 04:40:55

Pussy face is having such a great time watching the lynching. Maybe the only thing that would have elated her more was if she had a huge white dick shoved up her ass at the time. Sick times America went through.
2013-03-23 13:30:01

My Grandfather was in the deep South in the 1920's. He told me a story about a young black man was accused of raping a white woman. They summoned the woman and asked her if this was the man who raped her? She said "Yes, I think so". The Lynch mob dragged the black man into the street, castrated him, and hung him from a tree. My Grandpa recalled woman in attendance commenting that the whole scene was 'beautiful'. How sick it really was back when.
2013-03-16 19:28:48

Sick, sick woman! So much hate back then.
2013-03-11 05:07:49

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