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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Murder → Lynching in the United States

Lynching in the United States refers, primarily, to the practice in the 19th and 20th centuries of the humiliation and killing of people by mobs acting outside the law. These murders, most of them unpunished, often took the form of hanging and burning. To demonstrate a ritual of power, mobs sometimes tortured the victim. After the American Civil War, lynching was a method of terrorism used to intimidate freed blacks who were voting and assuming political power.

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Wiki Article: Lynching in the United States

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2012-02-01 06:03:45

piece of shit human you make me sick...
2012-01-29 08:31:15

hope forall
They no not what they do. They must not
Have read their bible,((( thou shall not kill)))

2012-01-27 02:06:30

poms are piss week and afraid of geting there own hands dirty doing there own labour so now you have to put up with la riots and shit like that send the fuks back to africa were they came from
2012-01-25 05:48:42

Dude, right on there brohter.
2011-12-30 02:58:01

Everyone should get on in peace except packi muslim/islam type terrorist people. Fuck rat scum, they are all bad and need to go away...
2011-12-25 23:29:45

I find it strange how black people were hated so much back in the day but now one rules America, just proves Enoch powell was right...
2011-12-25 23:27:29

kristen stewart
how r u robert?
2011-12-15 13:30:11

robert pattinson
hii kristen, r u there?
2011-12-15 13:28:57

kristen stewart
so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-12-15 13:26:38

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