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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brutality → Child of the Third World

40,000 children die every day in the countries of the Third World because of hunger and hunger related diseases.

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@Mayi Speak the King's English for fucks
2012-08-20 08:19:05

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2012-07-25 21:36:33

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2012-07-25 21:33:21

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2012-07-25 21:28:27

I have personaly seen UN Food going straight to the military instead of these starving children. Africa is harsh you can use a first would mind or idea to analyse the nature of nature. No food death food birth its life. Nothing is stopping these tribs from learning and using there resources, We are just lucky we educate and manage what we have in the first would but we were once there starving!
2012-07-12 19:09:01

I have lived in africa all my life, Maybe they should buy less guns and more food for theire people, Educate them to build dams have less inocent children and evolve a bit so they can live within the boundries of there resources. This picture shows why there is no god has never been one and will never be one!!! Just nature evolution and change!
2012-07-12 19:03:57

The Lord Bless you and keep you, the bible says when Jesus walked the earth, among those that were around him daily, there was none with too much and none with too little. This leads me to believe that is how we are supposed to live, none with too much, none with too little, those with too much are going to be in serious trouble. I pray water and food and blessings over you, heaven could be on earth if we all did our jobs. None would have too little if the ones with too much would share, but their ego and pride and selfishness wont allow them. Not enough Christians, and not enough christians share. God bless you.
2012-07-04 17:08:13

What is wrong with u dumb fucks he is a child
starved to death
2012-06-29 01:19:58

WOW that is beyond sad , i am at a lost for words
2012-06-23 07:03:57

Hail Satan
haha, starve nigga starve, that fucking nigger can eat my shit lol
2012-06-17 11:46:47

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