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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brutality → Child of the Third World

40,000 children die every day in the countries of the Third World because of hunger and hunger related diseases.

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Alexandre Terzuoli
so u are hungry uhh? and what about cannibalism, motherfuckers!
2011-08-22 23:00:50

Then why do they fucking breed?
2011-08-17 04:04:24

kindly do not post idiotic comments.
if vulgarity is within you ,let it remain.but do not spread.
2011-08-14 07:20:10

Interesting to know that these poor people don't have food nor can get away from the situation to find help, But even if their kids are dying in front of thier faces from hunger... They can still fuck and make more, sad as hell...
2011-08-10 12:10:03

all you racist scumbags here are NOT
even human you pieces of shit..pitty
your children maybe THEY should be
starving, ass fucked & left to suffer at
My hands! hope your kids DIE and burn
forever along with You losers!
2011-07-12 11:27:22

Ben Dover
i had an erection :D
2011-07-08 19:30:35

If they stop having 10 kids per household over there
they wound't be starving
2011-07-08 00:15:13

maldito capitalismo
2011-06-22 19:06:44

Freddy Krueger
Why are we the ones to talk?

We aren't even sendin' money over dare!
2011-06-18 02:13:41

anti every cunt
poor kids think them parents feed them selves first and dont give the kids nothing and yet they keep breeding!
2011-06-10 11:21:24

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