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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brutality → Child of the Third World

40,000 children die every day in the countries of the Third World because of hunger and hunger related diseases.

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anti every cunt
poor kids think them parents feed them selves first and dont give the kids nothing and yet they keep breeding!
2011-06-10 11:21:24

i have just found this site and some of
these comments r just to piss people is obvious or i just have more
faith than i should in people even after
being on this sight!
2011-05-20 05:43:05

fuk im starvin lets go get some maccas il get some fly spray to if your lucky nay fuk it il get a nother burger` bzzzz
2011-05-13 11:53:00

just because one or two niggers do something illegal, and it gets to the media. everyone suddenly hate 'all' niggers. niggers are just like you and me, just in a different colour!!
2011-04-18 10:32:00

starting to hate shit
@hellfuhrer- we all are humans, I dont hate no race but I just hate things people do. I love saying nigger tho, I'm black with white in me. I'm happy that whites did what they did, other wise i be like this little kid in this pix with flys on me with non loving moms or dad, cuz there fucking NIGGERS!!!!
2011-03-19 05:03:19

I am not sick(well maybe I am since I am on this site, but so are you Hello). I think it is sad niggers have to exist because they only end up hurting each other.
2011-02-28 02:01:34

someone feed him!!!!
2011-01-28 22:33:18

If you breed like rats with no means to live properly then this is what you get.
2011-01-26 18:37:18

I'm gay
2011-01-22 08:19:10

I can't believe some of the horrific things you say. How
is it funny that a poor child in a third world country
gets diseases because he can't provide for him self.
Your all sick bastards
2011-01-20 03:50:40

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