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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brutality → Child of the Third World

40,000 children die every day in the countries of the Third World because of hunger and hunger related diseases.

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ogni persona nei paesi dove si vive bene si lamenta e ha sempre dei problemi.. nn pensa mai cosa vuol dire stare male davvero.. xkè se lo facesse i suoi problemi diventerebbero insignificanti confronto a morire di fame...
2009-06-18 01:29:30

thats really sad :(
2009-06-16 05:44:11

PainInMyMemories thing.GO TO FREE RICE!!!!!!they help
2009-06-07 02:25:38

Instead of looking for the goriest picture
to put online, why don't you do something
for these children if you really care that
much?!?! Don't know...donations????
2009-06-06 02:17:11

working man
Kill, kill kill, in the name of god, kill, kill kill.
2009-06-04 06:55:16

Those who make fun of this child, will be worse than him/her soon.

2009-06-02 16:34:00

o gosh this is so sad :'(
2009-05-22 20:12:48

Capital of Equipment
Jesus will come in shortly time, just wait for it Paul R Wilson... In order, you should continuing Bible with Quran for more details about 'Jesus coming to the town'... on that time you will know the truth.
2009-05-02 02:27:05

Paul R Wilson
Alright, where IS God ? The 2nd coming of Jesus (who is his own father !) is over 1900 yrs overdue. I have bible verses that say it is about to happen (written in first century).
2009-05-01 04:11:04

and "The Punisher
Is That James Brown when he was a kid??
HaHaHa.. LoL.." ha-ha-ha.
Very funny.
2009-04-27 19:37:48

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