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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Interesting → Involuntery bowel movement in death by hanging

The bladder and the bowel often function normally as involuntary actions -- even in the most horrific of circumstances. It's long been known than convicts -- especially women -- urinate and defecate during execution. In the USA, they are diapered; in the UK, before capital punishment was eliminated in 1965, condemned women were compelled to don heavy canvass slacks at time of execution. The so-called "long drop" with hanging (employed by more civilized jurisprudence in recent times) has the force to kill instantly, but also to caused rectal and vaginal prolapse -- the tearing out of internal organs and discharge through lower orifices. The "short drop" was another story. Known to slowly strangle the victim rather than cause instant death, the short drop is the favorite for public executions in the Middle East, and was the mode of execution in Nazi Europe when and where an "example" had to be made. In the former USSR, the short drop was the fate of countless thousands during WWII; and for a very definite reason it was inordinately applied to women and girls in their teens and twenties. To punish and discourage the partisans (whose offense could be as little as cursing or throwing rocks at a passing German convoy), the German SS employed a trick popular since biblical times, and still in use in the Middle East today: disgracing and humiliating their sisters, wives, and daughters. It went like this. The girl was made to stand on a bucket or stool while the noose was tightened around her neck. An officer then kicked the bucket or stool away, and the girl gasped, convulsed for a few minutes, then urinated and defecated down her legs before becoming limp and dying.

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2017-07-24 13:56:55

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