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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bizarre → Self-inflicted male genital mutilation

BERLIN, Germany -- A 34 year old auto-worker was rushed to the emergency ward this weekend when his genitals started to suffer from necropsy. The unidentified man had a strange fetish for an extreme form of genital chastity which stopped the blood flow to his testicles and penis for more than four days.

The married father of four claimed he enjoyed the constriction caused by the pipe-fitting rings used in valves at the assembly plant where he worked, and that his wife had no idea about his strange liking. He is quoted as saying that he would leave them on for days at a time and usually had no problem removing them. Unable to get the device off his genitals the man went to a friends home who was also unable to remove the metal rings.

Complaining of loss of sensation he then went to the local hospital where a shocked and horrified medical team had to call in a locksmith to blast the homemade vice open. After four hours of drilling the device was removed, and doctors are still not certain if the mans genitals will have to be removed due to onset of gangrene.

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