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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interesting → Consensual sex between two HIV inmates

Consensual sex between two HIV inmates of the Russian HIV Village in 2003 (Astrakhan, Russian Federation). Both a male and a female are suffering from Kaposi's sarcoma (incurable malignant skin tumor; one of the most common AIDS symptoms).

HIV infection in humans is now pandemic. As of January 2006, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that AIDS has killed more than 25 million people since it was first recognized on December 1, 1981, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in recorded history.
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Sub hiv ko maro sale fucking nahi karnedete
2012-07-07 15:37:21

Tony J Lott
I came twice to this photo.Do you think he injected her????
2012-06-22 03:51:53

we should kill everybody with HIV then
well have a world free on AIDS :)

this would erradicate auds
2012-06-16 03:58:15

Hey hey!
haha B that does make alot of sence but the geniva convention would have a fucking field day lol but awww HIV love ;) its ok to laugh about these guys... there probably dead by now anyway
2012-05-19 00:31:06

I can barely handle COPD.
2012-04-29 05:26:25

"B." We should kill people like you!
2012-03-21 14:44:13

we should kill everybody with HIV then
well have a world free on AIDS :)
2012-03-19 22:33:29

um, no
they're paintball bruises
2012-03-14 02:56:35

Oui non seulement on apprécie pas la vie
mais on l'a gaspille à se foutre sur la
gueule par la parole ou par les coup
bref l'hêtre humain et le cancer de la planète. Il n'est pas un animale mais un
monstre, n'allez pas chercher l'enfer en
bas il est ici même et nous sommes tous
les démons de cette enfer
2012-02-27 22:03:37

i m ready 2 watch
2012-02-21 14:22:42

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