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Friday, August 3, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Beheading of unknown hostage by Iraqi militants

This unknown hostage was beheaded by Iraqi militants.

Video: Download "beheading_hostage_by_iraqi.wmv"

Please read our article "Beheading of unknown Nepali hostage by Islamic militants."

CharonBoat Article: Beheading of unknown Nepali hostage by Islamic militants

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Allah is a satan, Muhhamed was a pedophile
Exterminate these filthy islamic pigs!
Islam is the cancer!
2012-06-26 00:34:01

You are not the human , you are monster .
MONSTER . I hate wars ı hate people that
caused of war Rot in hell I wish god shall
take your life at once
2012-06-10 16:52:45

Nuke the middle east till it turns to
glass. If there are any survivors show
Allah what happens to his faithful. We
will send them all to Allah aka Satan
where the real God will smite them into
the fiery pit of Hell.
2012-06-09 17:51:43

what the fuck the war QQQQQQ
2012-06-06 13:31:07

Earth is hell and islam is the worship of evil and they sacrifice people to a king demon they call allah and i call satan...
2012-05-30 05:48:00

We should evacuate the innocent women and children of the middle east,no matter what the cost,then carpet bomb and annihilate all the sicko,blood lusting,paranoid murderous men and destroy the entire rotten region in the process,then bulldoze their decimated remnants into the ocean and start over again without the evil influence of organized religions...
2012-05-27 05:31:13

I cannot understand why people kill other people. Why man must kill/behead a person whilst their still alive in the name of religon its sick. I believe the men that do these unspeakable acts against other people should have their whole family die for what they did to others. Then maybe that will make them think twice before they cut of a persons head. Im truly shocked of what man does to other men & woman in the name of allah. The men that do these acts of pure evil will die of the worst bone cancer that eats away at their bones with the worst pain inflicked ever. Only then god will never help them.
2012-05-21 16:25:58

We are living and dying in a fallen world thats been hijacked by evil forces who have enslaved humanity and posessed our souls with greed and war and genocide...
2012-05-17 03:46:34

2012-05-16 13:37:39

Is anyone understanding the fact that these demented jihadists are not just beheading innocent people,they are literally sacrificing them to allah, delivering their souls to evil forces just like the mayans and many others ritualistically sacrificed countless victims to their gods and so allah is actually satan and if it was up to me,i would evacuate the women and children from the middle east by force,no matter what the cost and then annihilate the entire region with nuclear weapons...
2012-05-16 09:33:59

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