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Friday, August 3, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Beheading of unknown hostage by Iraqi militants

This unknown hostage was beheaded by Iraqi militants.

Video: Download "beheading_hostage_by_iraqi.wmv"

Please read our article "Beheading of unknown Nepali hostage by Islamic militants."

CharonBoat Article: Beheading of unknown Nepali hostage by Islamic militants

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Islam is rotten and diabolic
2011-09-10 10:05:15

Like killing a chicken puckaaa puckaaa...
2011-09-05 21:55:53

That's just sickening.
2011-08-21 11:07:50

ajay kumar
Give this video
2011-08-12 12:07:14

nude this video
2011-08-08 01:18:46

LECI don't be a child, you decided to watch this video knowing full well what it contained. You're responsible for your own's people like you destroying the US now.
2011-07-27 09:52:49

dONt FOrgEt yOuR meDIciNE

You should bring this matter up next time You see Your psychiatrist. And You shouldn't use Internet without Your parents permission.
2011-07-23 09:20:56

this is disturbing. i have a phobia for knives after watching this and it gave me night mares. and im serious. one of these days these guys will probably die way worse than this guy. and i hope so. and for all you guys who put "funny comments" youre just as sick as these damn bastards if this was happening in front of me i would be torn for life. take down this video its disturbing, frightening and plain sick in the head. i fucking hate charonboat because now i cant even fucking sleep before the next day
2011-07-22 21:18:22


Thats why education plays a fundamental part in the survival of our planet. Its much easier to believe in make-believe if Your a ignorant-fuck then a educated-prick.
2011-07-14 14:45:20

Most people in the world are still just as dumb and savage as 1000 years ago or more. Mark my words, when the blacks and mexicans run America we're headed for a new savage dark age.
2011-07-14 02:27:49

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