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Friday, August 3, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Beheading of unknown hostage by Iraqi militants

This unknown hostage was beheaded by Iraqi militants.

Video: Download "beheading_hostage_by_iraqi.wmv"

Please read our article "Beheading of unknown Nepali hostage by Islamic militants."

CharonBoat Article: Beheading of unknown Nepali hostage by Islamic militants

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amınıza koyan kırşehirli
ulan amına koduğumun ıraklı piçleri ananızı avradınızı sikiyim bir iki de bizim (* Türkler'i de kesmiş piç oğlu piçler amına koduğumun şerefsizleri müslüman müslümanı keser mi onlar gavur mu orospu çocukları dededelerimiz sizi kesti miydi kavatın uşakları
2010-03-16 08:22:30

atheist + jew = freemason
p/s to jas..i know u are intelligent so come on, give a try for know better about religion. christian, islam, buddha, hindu and others..they teach good thing in our life sytle.

p/s to evilpistol..this shit is a fucking are really bastard dont you..?
2010-03-09 04:30:49

atheist + jew = freemason
there are no different betwen an athiest with freemason or jewish, you are in one group! you are our enemies! christian and moslems should be together fighting them.

fuck off freemason, fuck off jew and dont forget real christ..fuck off atheist!
2010-03-09 04:18:01

P.S.....i like ur attidude man...wish
there were more of uz ;-)
2010-03-08 08:55:22

howzit goin Jas...i agree with
athiestism...i reli do...ova
freemasonry...i was stirin up these
silly fuks...freemasonry is all bout
politics...and yes id go far in there
due 2 my bloodline...but...fuk that, im
all bout science...i wish there was no
religions..just shows how pathetik ppl
can b...peace out jas...hope u all the
best m8
2010-03-08 08:53:54

Hi evilpistol i'm an Aussie too and I don't
appreciate the image you put out of us. I am an
athiests. Not an anti Christ or anti any religion,
just an athiest. I only get mad about religion
when I see hostilities between religion
2010-03-07 05:44:21

evil pistol
hey there big boy real christ xoxo im onli
a danger wen iv got a reason...plz give me
1...y r u non fukd up ppl on here 4...this
site is 2 ...hardcore...4 u!!!!
2010-03-02 07:21:29

Real Christ +
realized now! the whole world brutality is caused by freemansonry orders and fucking shits jews actually, u are danger??? come over here and suck my dick!!
don't blind others with what u had done before! trying instigate christians and other people to join u fight againts muslims? lol.. we know all about YOU!!! see u in the final of the world war!
yeah!... for freemasons and jews, FUCK OFF!!!
2010-03-02 04:38:18

evil pistol
typikal peace luving god loving
christian...we r in hell!!! i hav no not creation!!! religion is
4 weak minded ppl who r scared of life
and hide behind...god....there shuld b
no religion!!! and yes...i am a danger
2010-03-01 08:14:00

NO way to freemasons for our freedom!
I am christian but not with you and freemasonry. you are danger because you will stick together with antichrist so I and other christians will be together with muslims and we will follow Jesus Christ. We are in the right way! stupid fucking mind! going stupid with your NWO!!! Go to hell!!!
2010-03-01 04:09:42

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