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Friday, August 3, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Beheading of unknown hostage by Iraqi militants

This unknown hostage was beheaded by Iraqi militants.

Video: Download "beheading_hostage_by_iraqi.wmv"

Please read our article "Beheading of unknown Nepali hostage by Islamic militants."

CharonBoat Article: Beheading of unknown Nepali hostage by Islamic militants

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peaceful loving religion of Islam
2009-03-14 22:31:13

i think decapitation is total wrong and fucking stupid.The fuck towl heads are retarded to cut peoples heads off for no reason,no reason what so ever.If someone did something wrong let them go to jail but dont cut their heads off.Thats pointless .What is the reason for cutting someones head off?Theres no point and logic to this bullshit.I think we should bomb those terrorist countrys and be over with those fuckin rag heads.
2009-03-14 01:06:49

2009-03-13 22:25:33

deeply disturbed.
I would never normally look at movies like this but something led me astray whilst browsing the net tonight, I cannot believe what i have witnessed & deeply regret watching the beheading movies i have seen, the people behind these cruel and downright disgusting acts should be made to suffer for a long LONG time. As for all the allah remarks made, do these people actually think that god is ok with this, i am not religious but i will not say that i dont belive in the lord, Jesus Christ, for it is moments like these that i hope for the sake of mankind and for those pour souls that suffered so much in the last moments of their life that the lord is watching over them & maybe give them a way to forget in the afterlife.

Im a 22yr old guy from the uk, just your normal guy, and these movies have shocked me to my inner core, to not watch these movies is not ignorance at all & my advice to anybody who reads this is to stop watching them right now.

2009-03-12 05:20:12

are killing the evil non or bad muslims and this is the right thing to do and the right way to kill and you must not feel bad about this buth feel good about killing evil ali snakbar
2009-03-11 00:07:03

God...what do they hope to accomplish by doing these things? It's showing that they are nothing more than animals that enjoy killing other human beings...disgusting. They've lost the only thing that seperates humans from animals; sensitivity towards other human being and other kinds of life.

The terrorists in this video and throughout the middle east say that they do this for God...what would God want from this? They're goddamned Satan followers and deserve to burn in hell for what they've done. And I'd gladly be one to send them there...
2009-03-09 23:52:27

this make no sense at all
2009-03-06 11:09:55

this is the only video on the net that EVER gave me a twisted sickly tummy. its not so much the head off, see it on movies all the time and think nowt of it.. its the sounds of him chocking on his own blood and trying to breath thats the sickening bit. ill never watch it again.
2009-02-26 22:04:18

This is Islam?

The fuckers that do this should rot in hell. A fucking big atom bomb on the Middle East would sort these cunts.

No peace in the world while there are any of these Muslim bastards alive!

Religion of forgiveness? Who else in the world does this in the name of their God?

I spit pig blood in your face.
2009-02-12 03:44:21

god bless his soul
2009-02-05 01:44:30

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