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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Brutality → Sexual sadist and pedophile Anatoly Slivko (Part 2)

Sexual sadist and pedophile Anatoly Slivko (Russia) was convicted of the sexual murder of seven boys. He was hanging his victims... some of them till their death. He videotaped all his "executions". Here you can see some episodes from his "movies".

Video: Download "slivko_2.wmv"

Protect your children from pedophiles! Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life! Article: Sexual sadist Anatoly Slivko

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You can tell how many uneducated rednecks post in the comments section.
2010-08-20 22:27:40

One of the strangest things i have ever seen for some strange reason, i don't know why! I have seen allot worse, but this stands out!..
2010-07-30 21:33:47

I just watched the vid, a very wierd thing to do and way to kill and get a kick out of, i'm not 100% sure what he was exactly doing, was he making them think they were going to strangle and then lifting them to see of there reaction, or getting something out of there struggle to fight and be free, toying with them and enjoying the torment, Very interesting, i wan't to know more about who this is and the rest, can you imagine watching this being filmed on todays camera's...
2010-07-30 21:29:01

Stop fucking defending gays, it's a mental defect, there are so many reasons why gays are wrong! The main one being that if all humanity where gay we would seize to exist! not to mention you are spreading disease and you cannot fuck someones A hole it is for shitting out of! You sick idiots. ''Right on HonestAbe''
2010-07-30 21:21:20

Re: Hey guy calling himself "Fag" I'm sorta with you, kill all these sick, twisted, peverted queer faggits! Chop off their teeny weeny little gay dicks (Thats why theyre gay, too small to please a woman so they in turn fudgepack other fags!) HAHA and FUCK YOU to the fag whos on here trying to defend queers! Homosexuality IS a mental illness, typically brought on by an over-bearring mommy who refuses to cut the cord and let her boy be a boy! fuckin fags!
2010-07-27 19:44:18

Dr Black
Possibly the most disturbing footage I have come across.
2010-07-20 18:18:55

I hate sick people like this, there should be a special fucking hell for these kind of cunts
2010-07-16 21:07:45

Re. Fag
Re. post; Fag 2010-06019 00:02:20 Just because the killer in these videos was a horrible person doesn't mean you should use the term "Fag" as a negative qualifier. There are millions of nice gay people in this world. Just because someone happens to be gay and a killer doesn't make all gay people bad. So stop using Fag and Faggot as a negative term. I don't go around making up derogatory comments about heterosexual killers (even though I could becaue child molestation is primarily a straight persons problem according to statistics... that is to say more men molest little girls and more women molest little boys than gay people molest the same sex).
2010-07-14 12:03:55

@Anatoly Slivko LOL!!
2010-07-09 23:48:31

Anatoly Slivko
Ah-hem. I'm right here?
2010-07-09 19:15:00

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