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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Brutality → Sexual sadist and pedophile Anatoly Slivko (Part 2)

Sexual sadist and pedophile Anatoly Slivko (Russia) was convicted of the sexual murder of seven boys. He was hanging his victims... some of them till their death. He videotaped all his "executions". Here you can see some episodes from his "movies".

Video: Download "slivko_2.wmv"

Protect your children from pedophiles! Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life! Article: Sexual sadist Anatoly Slivko

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If I was to find this faggot I would break his god damn
legs beat him with it then cut his balls off while he is
still fucking alive, fucking faggot
2010-06-19 00:02:20

Anatoly Slivko
Ok, I'll try to type in english, for one, I WAS NOT KILLED. 2, I am still raping from today, 3, I enjoy rape as kids are tighter, but they fight back so I... well, I shoot them.
2010-06-04 18:45:24

loren zucconi
I cant believe that let this on the net.
2010-04-30 07:39:24

you should lynch the guy doing this to
those poor boys
2010-04-07 10:40:52

Romanian Incognito
Someone like that deserves a punishment everlasting...
2010-04-06 23:40:49

This cunt should be buried alive
2010-02-22 10:43:33

nota fan
really gritty world out there
2010-02-18 15:47:07

I have to say, I lol'd at the ending.
2010-01-26 16:13:33

@russian comments

what? shot to death? he should beaten to death ! that should done it,
2010-01-03 15:30:34

Anatoly Slivko has been executed by a shot in a nape. In August 1989 court has rejected the request of Slivko for replacement of the death penalty on lifelong imprisonment, in September the maniac has been executed.
2009-12-27 17:24:43

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