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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Medical → Foreign Body in the Vagina

This bottle was inserted in the vagina of one unhappy young woman as her husband's punishment for her being an adulter.

This woman died of excessive internal bleeding.

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Sexy anal
2019-08-31 04:02:25

Ups and Downs of Psychiatric Recovery part 1
My first name is Gary. I live in Union City New Jersey in a state funded group home.

18 months ago I was fired from my job at Mc Donalds for picking my anus while preparing food. It was humiliating because the manager yelled at me and the restaurant is in the middle of a major shopping mall.

At the group home we have carrot salad(a mix of mostly carrots and other vegetebles) on thursdays as part of our supper dish. We always have a stock of carrots and radishes. On certain nights at about 2 a.m. I've been secretely taking a carrot, putting a condom on it and inserting it in my rectum. Afterwards I take the condom off and put the carrots back in the fridge. There is no worry about germs because the condom covered the carrots. On thursday suppers the carrot salad is passed around and pretty much everone around the table was eating the carrot salad and nobody suspected anything. Why would they? By all accounts the salad WAS clean and sterile.

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Liar liar
2014-03-16 08:58:00

Sexual Tension
Stroking is a sin. It can cause a condition known in psychiatry as 'hypermasterbationism' which is a leading cause of excessive penile friction
2014-01-17 04:34:16

Mandy adams
the voices in my head tell me to put a bottle up my vagina
2013-12-26 10:04:06

As I am a child of a radiologist & a
physician myself for 15 years, I have
seen thousands of Xrays & scans of all
sorts of things people shove (then,
whoopsie, slip & lose) up their arses or
twats, & can verify that this X-ray film
is a fake; it is layered. You can find
all sorts of real Xrays of things such
as pipes, hair spray bottles/cans, light
bulbs, curling irons, assorted fruits &
vegetables, sausages, etc. online & you
will see what I mean as to how this is
obviously fake. I wish I could show
some of the Xrays I have in my own
personal collection, but as I said; you
can do a quick search through Google
images to find foreign body Xrays
similar to them. My favourite is a HUGE
sodium halide light bulb up a man's bum.
He came in awfully embarrassed & it was
able to be removed without a major
surgery with suction. People, please;
if you must shove things in you arses,
stick to sex toys!
2013-10-11 10:41:05

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