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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brutality → Yankee, Don't Go Home!

The Democrats want to bring the US military home from Iraq. But a hurried withdrawal would surely make the situation in the country even more volatile than it already is. The Yankees should stay!

Yankee, please stay! Perhaps it would not be in the interest of the United States, but it would be in the interest of Iraq, which doesn't deserve being left to fend for itself as it plunges headlong into total darkness. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Just want to tell you that you must see what the fake american media is hide.
Go to video sites, I suggest and search for these words and you can see the real disaster that your stupid leaders was put your troops in it :))))))
المقاومة العراقية
It's mean "Iraqi resistance", long live to it of course and death to stupid mindless american troops.
2010-05-24 16:39:19

The cold joke behind this...
...The poster is basically telling U.S. to stay so that more can be killed. Disgusting website filled with disgusting demons.
2010-05-20 07:06:07

continue to be democracy!
2010-05-10 08:59:52

ahah! U.Sstrong..your friend over there, 101st fucking shit! and sorry buddy, am not with
2010-05-06 02:17:38

oh raah fellas. @ 101st 102nd. fuck those muslum pricks. they're the scum of this planet
2010-04-29 18:09:40

fuck your ugly mommy or you can fuck ur whole moron family with 100% proud! Go back to ur hell..that's better....
2010-04-22 21:39:10

101st and proud
Hey Mr. Iraqi.Im coming back to your shithole for another tour.Do me the favor and walk into the scope of my 50 cal. so I can put one into your big mouth!Or better yet strap on a bomb a scream alalalala and blow yourself up along with more of your fellow people, like you backward sand eating fucks are good at.Fuck Allah,fuck Mohammed and better yet FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!
2010-04-19 10:06:00

Your daddy
beautiful shit boxes!!!!
2010-04-10 00:54:39

Romanian Incognito
It is your peoples ignorance that has let your country reach it's current state, America might have stuck it's nose where it didn't belong... but that is what they do, before them it was the British, and there will always be an empire that feels entitled to interfere in world affairs. So why don't you get off the internet, and walk down to the local police station and enlist??!?!!! instead of scapegoating... Notice everyone does it! America might be partially to blame but scapegoating isn't going to make your country better... That's up to the people, who are all so willing to speak, but do nothing. Life will end, you will all be dead soon enough; stop complaining and help your country and its people, there is no fear great enough to cause you to do nothing... It's all in a blink of an eye ;)
2010-04-06 23:53:34

Romanian Incognito
At piece?!?!? I know this uneasy peace you speak of! Iraq was a once beautiful country that ill probably never get to see because of this foolishness... It is your responsibility to find and eliminate your zealots, and the greatest challenge with that is not becoming a zealot yourself.
2010-04-06 23:53:06

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