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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brutality → Yankee, Don't Go Home!

The Democrats want to bring the US military home from Iraq. But a hurried withdrawal would surely make the situation in the country even more volatile than it already is. The Yankees should stay!

Yankee, please stay! Perhaps it would not be in the interest of the United States, but it would be in the interest of Iraq, which doesn't deserve being left to fend for itself as it plunges headlong into total darkness. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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FUCKING OFF with ur 'not impressed'...
Hey you ungrateful piece of you know that you are ugly old day!!! Go by yourself to middle east if you're dare!
2009-05-26 21:00:56

not impressed
lucky them. they get to sleep now. the rest of us still have to deal with that shit hole that is the middle east. Allah Akbar? i dont fucking think so.
2009-05-26 09:20:36

emm.. KDC,. The smartass fucking Jew was here!
am fine! ;)
2009-05-18 01:55:55

NiNe,looks like you got a point there, it is the muslims of this world that are the problem, kill them all and use their organs for decent people! the rest of their remains could be used as fertilizer - or dog food!

yo there klcc - how ya doin bro,
2009-05-17 23:27:29

Ok, I've jerked off to mutilated shit-covered autopsy bodies and seen all the putrid shit on this site but, the first pic with that American kid with the shit eating grin on his face is the most fucked up pic I've seen yet.
2009-05-14 00:16:55

..but NiNE, I rather fuck off your asshole with my big long dick till the end of your shit soul out of your fucking death body.
2009-05-12 01:48:57

who cares id go there just to shoot the fuckign muslims

Hitler +1, agree on ur point.

besides, u only live once, so i rather die in war other then sit here next to my computer til the end of my days.
2009-05-09 16:29:18

to go die in iraq, now that's a wasted life..... even more sadly are those who were murdered by the invader. No honor if you were part of that invasion.
2009-05-06 11:13:05

Peace is an illusion; a mindfuck created by liberal huggie bears and communists.

The very act of being alive is, in and of itself, a constant battle against death. War is just another part of the natural order.
2009-05-01 08:03:10

We will not be such an 'american idiot'!
We will STOP the WAR!!!
...and PEACE!! to the world include you, Malaysian.
2009-04-28 03:37:54

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