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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brutality → Yankee, Don't Go Home!

The Democrats want to bring the US military home from Iraq. But a hurried withdrawal would surely make the situation in the country even more volatile than it already is. The Yankees should stay!

Yankee, please stay! Perhaps it would not be in the interest of the United States, but it would be in the interest of Iraq, which doesn't deserve being left to fend for itself as it plunges headlong into total darkness. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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you guys are dumb.
no, THEY dont give america a bad name.
we are proud we have people to defend our country.
i hope you know, those guys were terriorsts!
i hope you all get killed by one.
2009-03-09 21:12:49

degeneriertes krankes volk...
2009-02-23 18:42:43

Man, Gringos should burn in hell. Stupid assholes, they give the whole continent a BAD NAME.
2009-02-17 23:12:17

those guys give America a bad name!
2009-01-25 23:10:50

that guys a hero!
2009-01-17 11:44:18

those kids give the military a bad NAME.
2008-12-31 08:16:23

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