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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brutality → Yankee, Don't Go Home!

The Democrats want to bring the US military home from Iraq. But a hurried withdrawal would surely make the situation in the country even more volatile than it already is. The Yankees should stay!

Yankee, please stay! Perhaps it would not be in the interest of the United States, but it would be in the interest of Iraq, which doesn't deserve being left to fend for itself as it plunges headlong into total darkness. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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may there sole rest in peace .. salute
those soldier who kill them selves to
protect us ...
2012-08-29 22:51:52

Im live with you all rip unknowsoldies good day
2012-07-11 23:38:20

The war is ugly but how could stopped ? I
feel so sorry for human community . I wish
I was an UFO .
2012-06-10 17:11:52

Hey hey!
Tit for tat... though i prefer the ones with the flags myself ;D
2012-05-19 00:21:56

oh wow this just made me sad even though you had good intnetions.I live in Nashville,TN so I really can't get my hands on these even if I wanted to.I'm soo glad you even bothered to comment and help with info on how to get them.thank you,hopefully one day I can actually get my hands on a pair
2012-04-28 09:39:31

Noming sn medehgui tanih ch ugui. Duuldag gevel bi auuudraagni bol neg ih duuldaggui, duug n ch hun sonsdoggui bha. Harin yaj medeh u geheer manai nziin nuhurtei yavaldaad.... minii nziig ih l zovoosonoor n medeh yum bn. Nuhur togtoh arga tuund bhgui bha iim muuhai yum hiij chadaj bga hun. Tegeed ch ailiin nuhur bulaadag archaagui em yumda. Tiim l bsan yum bol busadtai adil ur huuhed, nuhuruu dergeduuree toiruulaad sn amidrah n yasiin chadahgui, ter hunii haraal edsen uudgui, setgel muutai banzal huuhen uchir tuund hani ijil zayahguiee. Yun 2-3 huuhed ve? Dahiad ailiin nuhur hulgailah n bn tee? Tuunees bish terend yagaad ch hani zayahgui hatuuhan buguud unen ug helchihie. Chi harj l bgaarai, ugue gevel nadtai zargaldaarai za. Bi durtaiya chamtai yariltdaj, chinii hiisen nugeliig helj igie ee baby.
2012-04-26 15:57:33

Dejen de pelear las guerras del sionismo
2012-04-12 17:39:23

Been there
Been there done that.

Semper Fi :D
2012-04-04 09:51:20

NIGGERS!!, You eurotrash are so jelly of
us awesome americans!
2012-03-19 21:41:45

Will be your tern soon yankees
2012-03-09 17:49:36

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