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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brutality → Desert Storm's finding

This is an Iraqi civilian's penis which was torn away by American missile blast during the Persian Gulf War (2 August 1990 - 28 February 1991). Operation Desert Storm was the U.S. name of the air and land operations and is often used to refer to the conflict.

The penis is a reproductive organ, technically an intromittent organ, and for placental mammals, additionally serves as the external organ of urination.
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Knock your dick in the dirt.
2009-08-20 23:56:13

I thought Muslims didn't believe in circumcision....
2009-07-12 17:14:48

Ew... it still has a little tuft of hair, sick!
2009-07-12 17:14:00

Thats's what happens when you get down with camels. Missles shoot your penis off. Poor fuck.
2009-06-25 23:58:17

Sounds interesting, maybe he didn't need it anymore, ripped it off and threw it over his shoulder? lol.
2009-06-22 17:15:21

traduzion..ita.cioe messile fa saltare e resta solo il pene..quando si dice la fortuna del cazzo!!heheh pazienza che ci vuoi fa??
2009-06-19 00:05:02

what a bunch of fags on this site making jokes of others misfortune
2009-06-13 06:53:32

we know its a penis because all of us have penises
unlike you you faggot fuck
2009-05-29 00:31:09

Great! At least theres one muslim that can't breed anymore XD
2009-05-19 23:00:48

How do you know that's a penis? What are you, gay?
2009-05-14 00:14:37

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