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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brutality → Desert Storm's finding

This is an Iraqi civilian's penis which was torn away by American missile blast during the Persian Gulf War (2 August 1990 - 28 February 1991). Operation Desert Storm was the U.S. name of the air and land operations and is often used to refer to the conflict.

The penis is a reproductive organ, technically an intromittent organ, and for placental mammals, additionally serves as the external organ of urination.
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Lisa Naudts
mmmm, njammie, lekker ding!Ik geil er
nog wel op!
2015-05-18 10:29:31

Interesting post ) my blog
2015-04-30 01:16:13

Magnum Blast
Return for deposit:
ME-VT-CT-MA-NY-OR-IA-5 cents
NY-10 cents
2015-04-04 17:32:48

Lau Guai
Mail it to Cheney.......
2015-03-11 22:58:35

What did he need that for anyway? It only would have been used to breed more worthless terrorists. Got to admit though it's a pretty good shot, to remove a dune-coon's cock at god only knows what distance with a missile. Well done.
2015-02-16 13:21:15

That's a pretty big dick- shame
2014-09-06 23:36:35

Circumcision gone wrong.
2014-05-30 02:13:37
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Love an Respect, Cori
2014-05-16 01:48:13

I didn't know L.Bobbit was there! Go girl!
2014-05-15 23:20:54

One lless to reproduce. OK with me!
2014-05-15 23:19:32

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