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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brutality → Desert Storm's finding

This is an Iraqi civilian's penis which was torn away by American missile blast during the Persian Gulf War (2 August 1990 - 28 February 1991). Operation Desert Storm was the U.S. name of the air and land operations and is often used to refer to the conflict.

The penis is a reproductive organ, technically an intromittent organ, and for placental mammals, additionally serves as the external organ of urination.
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Mr. Mr. Mc. Mc.
Dear Mr Mc Clark Robinson...We will swap u one (1) bag of Iraqi penises per kilo of FOB gold and one (1) bag of Iraqi penises for CIF gold but for the CIF gold u will have to circumcise the penises yourself. Please contact Mr. Mc. Clark Robinson,
Email : with your reply, as the penises are getting a bit cheesy now (circa 1990) and place your order.
2012-04-25 19:29:52

Mr. Mc. Clark Robinson

Dear Sir/Madam,
Our new sellers have put 100kg for CIF and 24kg for FOB Gold offer ready for sell for their mining Production expansion. Price is $50,800 per kilo for FOB and $42,800 per kilo for CIF, at the moment, the Gold purity is 96%, 22+carat . African Origin.

The sellers accept FOB cash and carry payment and CIF payment at the buyers refinery and they can deliver it to AA Minerals or to ASAP VASA of Accra, Ghana for assay of CIF and FOB. For CIF at buyers final refinery. And the product is being sold on first – come, first serve basis.

We deal only CIF at buyers country and FOB Ghana.

For more detail contact back by email or call us on Tel: + 233 273 677 775.

Advise urgent.

Best Regard,

Mr. Mc. Clark Robinson,
Email :

2012-04-20 00:50:41

lmaoo, of all the things that blew up
2012-04-05 20:34:00

its SMALLL!!!!
2012-04-05 20:33:35

like i didn't know already-.-
hahaa yeah it is funny
2012-04-05 20:33:09

Description is funny
Haha like anyone need to know what the
definition of a Penis is.
2012-04-04 09:48:08

Here Kitty Kitty !
LOL Look what the Cat dug up !
2012-04-04 09:46:39

Its fixable
Ahh Hell ... With a bit of work you buff
that right out and never notice a thing :D
2012-04-04 09:45:38

blast was so hard, it literally knocked
his dick in the dirt
2012-04-02 09:30:02

Was he masturbating to an incoming missile?
2012-02-14 07:50:51

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