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Monday, March 31, 2008

Brutality → Allah is happy when non-muslims get killed

Fitna is a short film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders in which Quran verses are shown alongside images from terrorist attacks.

Video: Download "fitna.wmv"

"Behead those who insult Islam - the religion of peace!"

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2 Muslim
You are a liar!

"6- Islam teaching us to respect others, not killing others" lol wtf?
2010-11-06 02:09:16

Whatever these assholes TRY to tewll you about Islam is BULLSHIT....why then do your countries sanction such atrocities? are we to believe your leaders are uneducated savages?? are they not learned men? yet they still stone (which is NOT in the Koran) and torture and hang and butcher ALL in the name of Islam......why then do they say a religion of peace? peace would insinuate a measure of forgiveness and tolerance of which this faith has none...fucking liars and apostates
2010-11-05 03:38:08

Ok the Koran is complete horseshit..first off Allah was the God of his fathers family, one of hundreds Allah being the Moon God....Muhammed created this religion after seeing the working of the Christian and jewish faiths in his travels...and decided to unify force..make no mistake he was a war-mongering fact in Surah 5:20 - 5:21 HE CLEARLY states that Israel is for Musa(Moses) and HIS why all the fuss over Israel if thats SO evident? they pick and choose what they want to go with...assholes.
2010-11-05 03:35:21

1- You must read Quran yourself, and you will see why this short film is really *******
2- to those who afraid from Islam, have you ever read a little of european history and how was spain & portugal? see who the first one gave rights to jewish people in europe to live as humans?
3- Islam is the #1 growing religion in the world, did you asked your self "why"?
4- try to visit some Islamic countries, dont stay toward cnn... etc, they spoil you mind and fill it with lies
5- "terrorists" like Usama... etc was made in USA in CIA's "factories" to make them fight soviet forces in Afghanistan, so never blame others
6- Islam teaching us to respect others, not killing others
7- humanity = respecting others whatever they think, trying to tell them "you are wrong" and show them the right way
2010-10-22 22:24:25

Fain would they extinguish God's light with their mouths, but God will not allow but that His light should be perfected, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).
Altouba 32
2010-10-22 22:02:24

what kind of god sits on his throne all high and mighty and arrogantly states if you don't blieve in me then you shall die???? I don't know about you but to me that sounds like satan not god!
2010-10-13 21:12:57

Kill every muslim fanatic before they kill you.Its a war they are fighting,we just havent realised it yet,Kill every christian fundie to, they are just as dangerous,they just get state backing, look what happened when 2 got into power, bush and blair
2010-09-30 12:57:09

i agree! religion is pointless, and only causes problems..
2010-09-30 02:14:25

nick is right stop bitching around and follow youre own religion.
2010-09-29 16:47:25

What you're saying is that we should kill
all those who aren't like you? That's like
saying take all the left handed people in
the world and kill them. Half of you are
probably the same person anyway...
2010-09-22 22:06:33

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