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Monday, March 31, 2008

Brutality → Allah is happy when non-muslims get killed

Fitna is a short film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders in which Quran verses are shown alongside images from terrorist attacks.

Video: Download "fitna.wmv"

"Behead those who insult Islam - the religion of peace!"

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Christians need to rise again against this barbaric ideology. I understand now why Europe had Inquisitions.
2010-09-01 15:29:43

we have marines killing vermin out there everyday. Muslims are subhumans, remember that you pieces of shit, i see you in my country acting like you all belong here, you will never be one of us we will never accept you, die muslims of shit DIE!
2010-09-01 04:58:51

I am a muslim Jew
2 damnation,What the hell r you talking about?
the word Bible is not even written in your holy Bible..and you say it is from Jesus or God? you Catholics created the book. Open your eyes and heart.don't follow the devil.
2010-08-25 18:54:05

Muslims are this century's Roman Catholics!
2010-08-20 22:16:51

Islam is are very stupid religion. The
koran is written by a group of followers of Mohammed. Nobody knows who wrote the Koran. It is totally bullshit. I am Catholic and I know who wrote the Bible. You can't compare a true religion with some bullshit that even they cannot tell you who the fuck wrote it.
2010-08-19 05:08:32

Kill all muslims. The ones that don't protest the violence of their own kind are silent partners and deserve to die as well.
2010-08-19 05:04:20

F ck
When I see "Allah is happy when non-muslims get killed", i get shocked and totally mad. How can anybody say things like that. he is not a humanbing. ps i am a non-believer and chinese.
2010-08-11 14:56:33

If non-islams would have this same level of toleration as islamic people, then all islam believers would have been slain already. Especially that most of the islamic countries are economically and mentaly still in medival.
2010-08-09 16:38:08

allahu akbar.
allahu akbar.
allahu akbar.
2010-08-07 22:19:44

Chechen Iman
Islam = Happy future of the world
2010-08-07 01:25:19

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