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Monday, March 31, 2008

Brutality → Allah is happy when non-muslims get killed

Fitna is a short film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders in which Quran verses are shown alongside images from terrorist attacks.

Video: Download "fitna.wmv"

"Behead those who insult Islam - the religion of peace!"

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all the people who are saying bad things about islam dont know what there talking about. Please educate yourself before opening your shitty mouths and talking bullshit. you dont have a fucking clue what your talking about and the only thing that teaches you anything is your TV.
2010-07-09 23:38:31

Islam = Complete retards
2010-07-09 19:13:12

Islam = Fascism
2010-06-15 09:19:04

I hear that jews nd masons hav a ritual where they hav to hav sex with thier mother nd sisters, fuked up or wot. Dirty bastards.
2010-05-30 15:35:43

Prince Charming
and dont forget this..Princess Diana death! masons did...they are killer!
2010-05-24 15:50:12

Jesus Christ
Who killed John F Kennedy? Who killed Abraham Lincoln? Who killed Malcolm X? Who killed Bob Marley? Who killed Michael Jackson? Nobody know? but they all dead! They killed by FEEMASONS agent! The World Bank, CIA, FBI, NSA, White House, World Leaders, Rich Countries and others are controlled by The Fucking Shits Jews, Masons and Anti-Christ!
and...did you know who are they? Who are that everytime at their life never sleep to make Islam look terrible on other people eyes? They are Jews, Masons and Anti-Christ! Together with us if you think they are your enemies...otherwise you can fuck yourself son of the bitch under me!

Peace for Christians! Peace for Muslims!and....
2010-05-19 03:01:04

muslims need to shut the fuck up with their BULLSHIT. The whole religion is a load of shit and they're pathetic. They're hated by practically everyone and they're all just cocksuckers who only know how to behead people. They're not worth anything... fucks sake they piss me off so much. Waste of space in the goddam world.
2010-05-17 22:19:04

Fucking Bastard Below Me
come over here and start cleaning my ass. my shit is just for u..wanna wipe me more? lol..anyway I hate this animal...smell like a donkey

Dr Mahatir - u are using and deception on a good leader name, don't do that... ur senile mom never teach u to be good sometime? :)
2010-05-04 22:11:21

Fuck Mohammed
I hate you all, you all need to die. You
are all disgusting, un-evolved, pigs and
should all be wiped off the face of the
earth. We need an ethnic cleansing, this
time with the dirty fucking Islamic cock
2010-05-04 06:15:36

Dr Mahatir
the spiritual filth otherwise known as islam should be proscribed with all female members of the cult steralized so they cannot breed and all the men should be vasectomized. This will be a good start to rid the world of the islamic evil.
2010-05-04 03:44:30

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