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Monday, March 31, 2008

Brutality → Allah is happy when non-muslims get killed

Fitna is a short film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders in which Quran verses are shown alongside images from terrorist attacks.

Video: Download "fitna.wmv"

"Behead those who insult Islam - the religion of peace!"

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Islam will destroy the planet. but ONLY if poluton doesnt get us first
2009-06-17 14:44:09

the muslims are the curse of the devil. islam is satan in disguise, every muslim is an agent of spitual death.
2009-06-16 01:33:52

to all bitchy chirstians,are u dont feel fool with your fucking religion?? pity u are..just fuck ur pope up...
2009-06-15 18:26:36

christian fuck
there is no different between christian and shit.both are smelly..wahahaha..fuck all chirsts.
2009-06-15 18:21:22

hey bitch..u all just like animal or even worse.if u dont know bout other reigions just fuckin shut up and care bout ur own damn religion..
2009-06-15 18:17:32

as if christianity doent say kill non-believers too.u idiots need to study ur own religion before talking about some one else's.u read a book written by paul and constantine and think it is the word of god.hahahahahahah
2009-06-11 08:31:51

fck all u christians.islam is superior to any and all religions.most christians r turning atheist or gay while islam is growing.Jesus did not bring christianity.he was a jew following jewish law and 300 yrs after his death the nt bible was written by men.nobody cares if u kuffar dont like us,we r superior anyway!
2009-06-11 08:29:44

The Hawklord
There is no difference between muslims and terrorists! They are all the same!
2009-06-08 16:16:58

kill all muslim
Muslims should be killed...All of them! they are just a mere animals...pigs, monkeys and worms. I would love to take off their heads out of their bodies...whahahahahahahaha fuck all Muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-06-05 04:01:07

2009-06-03 16:30:33

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