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Monday, March 31, 2008

Brutality → Allah is happy when non-muslims get killed

Fitna is a short film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders in which Quran verses are shown alongside images from terrorist attacks.

Video: Download "fitna.wmv"

"Behead those who insult Islam - the religion of peace!"

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proud muslim
israel go to hell you nd all ur pussy
crazy helpers,America is a tiny toy in
israels hands so blame those who uses
America to fight islam,hey you we r
muslims and so proud to be,coz we have a
real god that we all respect and
love,you stol all our knowldge thzts why
you are the best coz you use our
knowldge nd our powers,go to hell ther
will come a day that israel people will
kiss our earth to let them live...go to
hell kafara,achhadou ana la ilaha illa
allah wa anna mouhamadan rasoulou allah
2012-09-01 11:48:03

Fuck The America
who is terrorist?
america or muslim?
who attack iraq just because of the oil?
who has mass destruction weapon?
not iraq,its america!
2012-08-25 12:37:18

kill bill
fuck islam, fuck ur bastard alla, u coward bastard fuck u all islamist bastard as u all are coward satan.You all will be killed shortly and the name of ur bastard mohammed and bastard alla will vanish in ur ass hole.U mother fucker muslim let the obama to go, all west and american will fuck ur mother , sister and will kill u all male moslim and will make ur wife/daughter/as our sex slave
2012-08-12 02:40:37

muslims are killers just as zionist and
christians,this shit happens when
religion is mixed with politic and
i hate them all cuz they got the power
to feed and give a good job to poor ppl
,but they prefer make war or terrorism
and exploit entire nations with economic
that's so sad,and unfair.
2012-08-12 00:36:41

for ur kind information most of the
terrorist were muslims,this point tell all
the reality of muslims.
2012-07-13 11:11:13

Glock 17 Sig 45
Suck my dick Islam,fuck you and your smelly
wives,fuck your mothers,suck a black dick you
scumbag fucking piece of shit cocksuckers!!!!!!
2012-06-16 07:51:39

u absolutely cannot debate with moslem cos they were easy to wrathful (i did once)
2012-05-26 15:13:46

So why did terrorist were so happy to put these verses alongside their propaganda vids???you muslim just agree to last you will blame it as fake vids made by american or jews.(some idiots out there believe that tsunami 2004 was conspiracy made by us govt) i sadly live in indonesia
2012-05-26 15:05:59

america is terrorist
america is terrorist
2012-05-19 10:53:34

who is terrorist?
america or muslim?
who attack iraq just because of the oil?
who has mass destruction weapon?
not iraq,its america!
2012-05-19 10:52:58

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