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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Executions → Execution of Drug Dealers in China

China maintains the death penalty for a large number of offenses, including non-violent crimes and economic crimes. A large proportion of sentences and executions are imposed for drug-related crimes. Execution is by shooting.

Based on public reports available, Amnesty International estimated that at least 1,010 people were executed in China during 2006 year, although the true figures were believed to be much higher. Credible sources suggest that between 7,500 to 8,000 people were executed in China in 2006. The official statistics remain a state secret, making monitoring and analysis problematic.

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Who is man to choose when someone should or shouldn't die. Men try to take more power then they really have. Anyone who would kill are the ones who don't deserve life.
2009-07-17 19:10:07

And yet here we go again only this time it is "oewoi" who has missed the mark. Looky, opinions will always vary on this topic. No need to offer yourself up for sex to get your point across. That freaks out us normal people.
2009-07-16 07:33:58

Good killin
1 person sells drugs. many people use them and wreck their lives.

if death is not good, then they must atleast be punished. Must punish
2009-07-07 20:31:26

I pray that the people who execute them find themselfs in hell when they die fucken assholes.You can tell they love killing people.
2009-07-05 18:07:05

These "drug dealers" are so young, I bet some other drug dealer was using them and was never found out.
2009-07-04 21:59:00

"How could anyone shoot someone with a sweater and ponytail?"
There should be a punchline to this somewhere. All I know is next time I decide to do something like hold a hostage situation with a crying retarded child in a busy interstate surrounded by swat, I will tie my hair in a ponytail and I will wear a sweater. Hell I'll even make sure it has kittens on it.
2009-07-01 00:54:18

"hey fukk u 3m if that cunt killed a family member or friend of yours with drugs would you be so sensitive?" Ollie is apparently a moron because what he said is equivalent to saying a gun store is responsible for a shooting.
2009-07-01 00:50:59

"all those who consume drugs should all be executed too, I don't have a problem with that idea. "
Why the misanthropy, Rob?
2009-07-01 00:49:08

I think execution has it's ups and downs. For ups, it costs less money to execute a criminal, then keep them in jail. However, for downs, what is really accomplished? If a man murders 5 women and brutally rapes and tortures each one, and is sentenced to death, death is just an escape, while prison for life, with no freedom, no anything would be torture.
2009-06-27 16:01:54

You know what? Its easy to condemn a drug dealer isnt it. But what if your living in a country where the monetary system is so fucked and there is literally no work and no welfare, then what do you do? I hate drugs too but if its a choice between selling drugs and starving slowly to death I know what I would do. Crack anyone?
2009-06-16 14:51:47

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