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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Executions → Execution of Drug Dealers in China

China maintains the death penalty for a large number of offenses, including non-violent crimes and economic crimes. A large proportion of sentences and executions are imposed for drug-related crimes. Execution is by shooting.

Based on public reports available, Amnesty International estimated that at least 1,010 people were executed in China during 2006 year, although the true figures were believed to be much higher. Credible sources suggest that between 7,500 to 8,000 people were executed in China in 2006. The official statistics remain a state secret, making monitoring and analysis problematic.

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I agree with Specificist
2009-01-28 06:05:54

China Claimed to be rid of it's drug problem when they got rid of Colonialism. "Gues that was just propaganda"
2009-01-26 03:12:26

I wonder why the rest of the world has not done the same thing. Here we are, wailing about human rights instead of taking care of issues at hand. Less talking, more prosecution!
2009-01-22 15:20:04

whos to say they were really criminals??? its china,,they'l shoot you for having a bible and charge your family for the bullet
2009-01-20 08:46:19

Wrong again, they were not drug dealers, but murderers.
2009-01-19 12:39:25

prison for drugs death sentance for murder
2009-01-10 03:42:15

four out of the five top capital punishment using countries in the world execute drug dealers.
which doesnt...??? The U.S.
We also have the highest amount of drug adicts.
2009-01-03 18:32:13

execution is repulsive.
a world with drugs > a world w/ blind retribution.
what else is repulsive is that the people being executed don't go down w/out a fight.
if i were one i would rather die running.
2009-01-02 03:04:58

hahahahahahahahhaha bitches gone wild
2008-12-31 17:20:16

good riddence
2008-12-31 07:38:27

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