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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Executions → Execution of Drug Dealers in China

China maintains the death penalty for a large number of offenses, including non-violent crimes and economic crimes. A large proportion of sentences and executions are imposed for drug-related crimes. Execution is by shooting.

Based on public reports available, Amnesty International estimated that at least 1,010 people were executed in China during 2006 year, although the true figures were believed to be much higher. Credible sources suggest that between 7,500 to 8,000 people were executed in China in 2006. The official statistics remain a state secret, making monitoring and analysis problematic.

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tom l
if you cant blow your load here or go to
2013-01-27 16:01:18

Never kill...sentence to life of hard
but never kill another human.
but only a life time in prison + hard
where is the reason here?
God bless this world, God speed!
2013-01-24 22:57:16

Los Zetas
Fuck you china
2013-01-24 11:02:51

Why kill?
2013-01-12 22:19:06

What the heck is a young girl, to be guilty of Bobcats
2013-01-12 22:17:42

another 2 billion to go
2012-02-10 08:42:12

hahaha nice one :)
2013-01-09 00:59:58

La rencontre avec la mfouarnassa n'etait pas celle que tu croyais , pour ta question sur ma pre9sence tu trouveras la re9ponse sur mon blog mon passage e0 ton blog m'a fait plaisir . bonne continuation .
2012-12-13 13:23:31

a tard
bda is either a troll or doesnt know the
difference between choice and having men
hold you down and blow your brains out
2012-12-04 22:02:41

We need that shit in the US maybe all these
scumbags will think twice before polluting our
streets.... YEAH
2012-12-02 03:09:11

@MIGIEL: Most of those people killed other people. Killing someone by selling him drugs is just as awful as killing with ak47.
2012-11-08 09:26:08

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