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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Crime → Prostitute found dead in Mexico

An underage prostitute was found dead last Wednesday in a motel room in Victoria, Mexico. Her naked dead body was found laying on a bed of a motel room approximately a day and a half after her death, it showed signs of having been beaten on the face as well as in the rest of the body, a roll-on deodorant bottle was also found inserted in her anus. Stains of blood were found on the bed sheets and an unused condom package was found on the floor.

All of these clues lead to believe she was murdered, although the official police report indicates drug and alcohol overdose as the cause of death.

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omg why is she so purple?
2011-03-20 20:05:21

cool whip
hehe..deodorant shoved up
her asslol ..owned! dumb whore!
2011-03-14 07:39:20

cocaine addict
Mexican prostitutes are the best!!
2011-03-11 00:35:38

No more turning tricks
The last dick is the deadliest.
2011-02-18 05:37:53

Kill 'Em All
1st. She was a girl 2nd. She happened to work as a prostitute( that's what the press said anyway) 3rd. We need more women to be serial killers and start fuckin' knocking off some men, they are the biggest threat in the world!!
2011-02-13 20:28:21

How did a picture of my mom get on here.
2011-01-19 10:02:31

So do I
2011-01-15 19:24:58

Spics are welfare drains
They all need to die
2011-01-10 06:15:49

Just been wanking over that can up her ass. I would love to have anal sex with her.
2011-01-09 22:34:51

Stupid ass, smelly, loud Armos(Armenians) trying to act like they are "hard" Surenos. The older Armos are crooks and the youner ones are beaner wannbes. Yeah, I'm talking hard on the net and I don't give a fuck. I'll stab you if I get a chance and dumb your carcass.
2010-12-19 05:04:47

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