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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Crime → Prostitute found dead in Mexico

An underage prostitute was found dead last Wednesday in a motel room in Victoria, Mexico. Her naked dead body was found laying on a bed of a motel room approximately a day and a half after her death, it showed signs of having been beaten on the face as well as in the rest of the body, a roll-on deodorant bottle was also found inserted in her anus. Stains of blood were found on the bed sheets and an unused condom package was found on the floor.

All of these clues lead to believe she was murdered, although the official police report indicates drug and alcohol overdose as the cause of death.

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she was probably just a dumb whore so she didn't really matter ..but some of these pics are hot. Love the deodorant in the butt part lol
2010-10-26 08:00:49

I know hispanic people that are intelligent and decent, but it's the trash mexicans that cause other hispanic people to be judged unfairly
2010-10-17 20:51:33

2010-10-02 02:15:15

Heh well... To be fair, it's unfair to say shit about mexicans in this because, well... That is not about the country, is about the mind... And hell! there are twisted minds everywhere! I think it aint just mexico, it's all latin america, africa and south asia which are so fuckin sick... Only northern europe is somewhat "decent", but nah don't be that mean to poor little mexicans... Everyone does this shit everywhere :P
2010-09-11 05:43:32

im hispanic and i hail from central america.....we hate fucking mexicans because they think they are better...but all they are is a bunch of little taco eating roaches that are the subject of ridicule by the people of the US
2010-09-02 04:13:45

swedish guy
The body's still fresh...i mean if i were a housekeeper/cleaner and had found her i would certainly had fucked her pussy from behind ala doggystyle as in pic 5. Then I'd turn her to her back and put her legs resting on my shoulders till i analy creampied her. I'm no necro but if she aint too ugly, clean and not too much gore and no insects why not.
2010-09-01 16:49:37

fukin spics
2010-08-22 18:26:58

yer fcken a i wouldnt trust an Mexican as far as i could throw them and iv seen some of these young spic fcks being so cruel 2 animals fck them fck there country.
2010-08-17 15:02:10

Honest Abe
OK, Not for nothing, how underqaged was she with all them tattoos and old hooker battle scars? Seems like aq waste of nice titties but she was probably just another typical smelly Mexican skank, no big loss to the world, She was clearly beat to death and yet that overly corrupt country rules it an OD! what typical spic country bullshit! ALL spics are just flat out BORN to fuckin lie!
2010-07-27 19:11:22

'dr.mahatir' don't u hv a shame on using someone name plus, u spell it
2010-06-05 15:22:30

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