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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Crime → Prostitute found dead in Mexico

An underage prostitute was found dead last Wednesday in a motel room in Victoria, Mexico. Her naked dead body was found laying on a bed of a motel room approximately a day and a half after her death, it showed signs of having been beaten on the face as well as in the rest of the body, a roll-on deodorant bottle was also found inserted in her anus. Stains of blood were found on the bed sheets and an unused condom package was found on the floor.

All of these clues lead to believe she was murdered, although the official police report indicates drug and alcohol overdose as the cause of death.

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You gents, just by searching for such items, present yourself as a different portion of the population than the average. Unless everyone in your country are sick fucks. Also stupid, less not forget many comments on here are stupid.
2009-12-03 18:41:03

this is the mexican way...
2009-10-06 21:33:11

toy story
least she died with nobility, her family said they couldn't be prouder.
2009-09-26 05:44:19

2009-09-24 15:38:41

ugly beaner. one less wetback in the world. A+
2009-09-23 09:06:00

Is she ok?
2009-09-20 00:43:56

2009-09-13 18:25:30

sexy ass
2009-08-11 04:06:39

very nice bare feetsies
2009-07-12 14:10:07

who was she?
she was a Prostitute. A noble woman. am i right?
2009-07-07 20:55:09

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