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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

War → 2008 South Ossetia war

The 2008 South Ossetia war formally began on August 7, 2008 with a military attack by Georgia into South Ossetia. South Ossetian sources say more then 2000 people were killed by Georgian military troops (most of the killed people were Ossetian children and women (many of them were citizens of the Russian Federation) who tried to escape from Tskhinvali (the capital of South Ossetia) into Russia. Russia responded the next day by large scale bombardment of Georgian military targets and by sending military troops into South Ossetia, quickly driving the Georgian troops out of Tskhinvali. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused Georgia of committing "genocide" against Ossetian people.

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Polish King Of Moscow: you polish pig putin and medvedev fuck polish every day
2010-03-02 18:08:48

war brings benefit..
to maggot and flies
2010-01-03 15:24:21

Polish King Of Moscow
putin and medvedev fuck russians every day
2009-12-27 13:44:26

putin is fags
2009-10-25 03:14:09

Putin restored the pride has Russia, kill all those muslims chechens monkeys is our duty !!!
2009-09-25 13:58:47

Putin is a filthy bastard and an ignorant monster
2009-09-21 15:43:31

Patrick Bateman
Soldier with chest wound: "Why you look at me liek dat? I will eet your sheet."
2009-09-08 21:21:29

Understand this: People die in war, get used to it
2009-08-08 19:46:48

Lady Marsha of Lourdes
did anyone died?
2009-07-17 01:49:28

I was right to stop the filthy American backed scum
2009-07-02 11:01:01

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