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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Accident → Deadly Fun

This happened around 1992. A kid dies at a Peruvian soccer stadium after a military flare shot from the opposite tribune gets right into his eye ball. Watch the desperate mother trying to turn the fire off. This 16-years boy was the son of the woman who attended the cafeteria at the stadium. The military flare was fired by a fan who happened to be a navy member, and the type of flare was of military use, those used by ship to alert about emergencies.

Video: Download "flare_kid_eye_charonboat.wmv"

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and to make it worse the guy leathers the shit outta him with the cardboard box.
2009-03-12 06:57:56

I rememeber watching this on the news shortly after it happened, poor kid.
2009-02-01 10:49:19

2009-01-10 03:18:00

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