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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Accident → Soviet "Titanic"

Soviet cruiser liner "Admiral Nakhimov" was struck by the Soviet freighter "Pyotr Vasev" on August 31, 1986 at 23.12 eight miles (15 km) from the port at Novorossiysk (Russia). Passengers and crew had had little time to escape (only 7 minutes), and 423 of the 1,234 on board perished. Sixty-four of those killed were crew members and 359 were passengers. Captain Viktor Tkachenko of the "Pyotr Vasev" was found guilty of criminal negligence and sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Here you can see the underwater video showing female corpses in their underwear only in the cabins of the sunken cruiser liner recorded by the military divers during the resque operation.

Video: Download "admiral_nakhimov_charonboat.wmv"

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Link: Cruiser Admiral Nakhimov

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couldnt understand a word
2010-04-23 00:59:10

2009-12-13 06:03:49

fur kills
guy killed over 400 people and he gets 15 years. fuck
2009-09-15 04:41:55

big pipes
I wonder what the Estonia looked like with up to 700 people trapped below, gruesome stuff.
2009-07-07 01:36:56

blubb blubb blubb
2009-05-24 12:01:25

wow wtf..... use the fuckign airplane then...
2009-05-09 16:26:24

I have always wondered what bodies look like in ship wrecks.
2009-01-16 17:41:41

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