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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Accident → Surveillance camera (Set 1)

It happend at the gas station in Arkansas, USA in July 2008.

Video: Download "parking_death.wmv"

The driver and his wife died instantly. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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dear john
this site is run by republicans. the misinformation is, as usual, a plot to gain votes.
2012-09-24 18:34:09

computer repair denver
This actually answered my downside, thanks!
2012-06-26 13:41:15

Holy crap where do these guys get thier information?? I've seen more wrong "descriptions" than I can count on here. This wasn't a "gas station", it was a bank in Texas and there were no injuries....
2012-05-23 18:03:10

was a bank.
2012-02-12 15:10:07

Hey "bbo" who the fuck ever said there were children
involved in this? Do you see any in the video? It was
already proven that this was not a gas station so
there is very little of the other details floating around
on this site that can be believed. People just seem to
make up shit and attach it to pictures. So many huge
inconsistencies on this site and this is proof of one of
2011-11-29 07:43:56

They did not die, you fucking liar! This had nothing to
do with parking, either. They tried to drive through
the bank's drive through and grazed the overhang of
the roof with the edge of the camper. The truck was
damaged on the side but the driver was injured. This
is not a gas station. Gas stations do not deliver
gasoline through pneumatic tube machines. This is a
2011-11-29 07:41:00

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CAFc1i Yet, much is unclear. Could you describe in more details!...
2011-09-30 01:55:16

this i why people hate america, we have such big
ignorant trailers on our gas guzzling vehicles we
knock whole structures down and almost kill our own
off spring...that guy should be in jail for child
2011-09-19 23:17:18

Darwin would have something to say about this.
2011-09-06 04:12:39

Yep, another false post. Dad and son made it.
I watched the whole thing and tried to warn
the dumbass driver. You can only yell so loud.
2011-07-30 09:54:09

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