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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Murder → Raped and murdered

This Mexican young woman (who was a prostitute) was raped and smothered by a serial rapist-killer.

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no one reads these comments :/
2013-08-07 10:16:31

Mexicans have always scared me, those fuckers are hostile
2013-07-17 21:59:56

... 1/3 people here are just people wondering
wtf. 1/3 are the serial killers/rapists. and then
another third are people trying to take it down....
then there's me.... im none of those.... but i
could use a sammich.
2013-07-08 10:23:33

yeah rite stunner. You talk too much you know that? Why dont you go to the Amazon and dip your dick into the river for those hungry piranhas to nimble on. Then you know your dick feels its best!!
2013-06-23 11:02:31

Everyone knows a woman's cunt has never fucked its best until its getting raped. So you can't help but be envious of the lucky guys who got to ram-ravish her hot little hussy-hole with their big ones till it was torn to shreds! Image her joy over finding herself helplessly prone,legs spread wide, getting mercilessly killed by her pussy! Now what woman, who if given a choice, wouldn't choose getting fucked to death? You know she had a ball!!
2013-06-22 18:06:17

Mexican males 18 to 55 are very sick and
sexually deprived demons. They even chop
people up like the Muslims do.
2013-06-19 00:59:01

you disgusting assholes .. the girl was
raped and murdered and you talk about how
sexy she is!!! i hope you get to suffer
the same cruel end
2013-06-16 17:13:43

Badly Sexy!! I want to put mine in that pussy so hard cause it's dead body. I'm crazy about dead sexy woman. I think This is sexier than any alive woman in the world
2013-06-14 16:01:26

this is unaccepted at all.. even God doesn't allow such things, raping, killing and even posting such photos on this website.. this is very ugly and haram in all relegions.
2013-06-02 22:53:32

absolute fucking sick sad poor soul r.i.p
2013-05-14 00:06:40

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