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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crime → He tried to cheat on her...

She couldn't tolerate his cheating on her and she tried to cut his penis off when he was sleeping. Surgeons saved his penis but unfortunately this man lost his penis' erection. We do think this man will never cheat on his girlfriend.

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He brought it among him self not saying that she's
right for doing that but yet then again cheatting is
wrong so there for she. Got mad and did what she
did for him doing her wrong
2012-07-11 09:30:07

thats what should happen to all people who cheat man and women by burning their pussy hole
2012-07-07 02:54:38

A good reminder to all husband.

Cheat if you wish but never get caught.
or else, you got to squat to pee like a woman. choice is yours.
2012-07-03 07:00:45

how bad!
2012-06-24 06:26:54

army love so cute.
2012-06-14 13:56:26

GOOD THING! if only we had more women like this..
2012-06-11 18:41:07

Only in US
Only in US
2012-05-19 07:04:49

WTF...thats so shet!!
2012-05-15 08:47:47

bad boy
ya he deserve it
2012-04-30 07:37:33

I am going to cut off my cock one day
here it is with all its scars, once im done mutilating and binding it till its numb forever then im cutting it all off
2012-04-01 22:44:56

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