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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crime → He tried to cheat on her...

She couldn't tolerate his cheating on her and she tried to cut his penis off when he was sleeping. Surgeons saved his penis but unfortunately this man lost his penis' erection. We do think this man will never cheat on his girlfriend.

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its mad funny because lmao
if that happened to me
i wud be in prison for life
cause i wuda found that bitch
chopped her body up into tiny peices and burnd it
... and im not joking
2010-03-21 19:00:00

Oh wow,
that is one nasty lookin cut. :/
gross dude...
I should show my boyfriend this so he knows it is possible for his dick to end up like this if he ever tries to cheat on me lol....

jkjk. this is sick!!

she should of just kicked his ass or something. this is too far.
2010-03-10 15:18:12

i want see more pictures about castration !
2010-03-02 18:55:40

Tube-steak lol
2010-02-21 16:24:33

id bury her bury her face in the gaping hole where my dick used to be and smother her
2010-02-03 01:37:24

That is fucked up!!! If I ever get with his now ex
wife or girl friend, I will make sure to NEVER
cheat on her! Lmfao
2010-01-21 06:36:37

2010-01-17 01:13:44

Tragedy of the new era
2010-01-14 05:52:49

kleng will cheat again,but this time with men, eh he
2010-01-08 17:34:03

Just a Girl
Kleng.....did Kim cheat on you??? Why would you take personal offense to her comment??? Things that make ya go hmmmmm......

2009-12-27 18:10:13

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