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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crime → He tried to cheat on her...

She couldn't tolerate his cheating on her and she tried to cut his penis off when he was sleeping. Surgeons saved his penis but unfortunately this man lost his penis' erection. We do think this man will never cheat on his girlfriend.

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the man is lucky he didnt die
if he would have been erect when she cut
he would have bled out
he had to have been flacid(not hard)
2009-08-09 10:22:39

bastards of bodom
fuck yea dude, losing the ability to get hard is worse than death
2009-08-02 05:09:51

Why didn't she just kill him right then and there?

Take away a man's erection and you take away his pride. He'd be better off dead, unless he's one of those BME faggots who are into that shit.
2009-07-29 02:31:05

He He .. Now let it b seen to all - cheating does not pay off!
2009-07-25 22:18:47

B. Rubble
what a bitch! should've cemented her cunt up!
2009-07-25 10:29:06

kill the bitch
2009-07-21 01:59:43

to liddy..
if that's what you call living..
2009-07-16 12:39:58

One more thing, at least he gets to live... Dick or not, life is far more important.
2009-07-12 17:02:03

And to you pervs showing a man compassion after all the ignorant comments you left on the photo's of womens genitals being mangled, FUCK YOU!
2009-07-12 16:57:31

He probably gave her an STD.... Serves him right. Rapists and pedophiles should also have their dicks removed, even if it's a first offense. Pedo's do say they can't help it, the best way to prevent it is to remove the cause of it.
2009-07-12 16:55:17

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